Tata Castle

King Sigismund of Luxemburg built between 1397 and 1409 Tata’s most famous sight, the castle that lays on the shore of the Old lake. The system of waterways built to defend it make the castle ruins unique in Hungary. The castle was held in high esteem by the Luxemburg and Hunyadi families and it also served an important military role in the defense against the ottoman forces. Nowadays the building hosts the collection of Kuny Domokos Museum.


Old Lake

The Old lake was built up to its current form in the 1740s as Hungary’s oldest artificial fishing lake. The swampland supplied by Által-ér was previously important as a natural line of defense for Tata Castle. During the centuries several of the town’s sights were built on its shoreline, including the Esterházy Castle, the building of the Eötvös József Gymnasium, several water mills as well as the Axmann and Hamary houses. Walking along the promenade dotted with trees, statues and catering facilities is a special experience, and those that wish can go around the entire lake.


Esterházy Castle

Esterházy Castle was finished in 1776. On the area partially gained by demolishing parts of the fortress, count Esterházy Miklós had Fellner Jakab plan a much more grandiose building complex. The young architect from Tata became a widely known architect of the time by designing this baroque style castle. Eventually only the current castle building, the small castle for guests, the residence of the caretaker, the coach house and the barn were built. The baroque style decorations, the english yard and the related lakeshore promenade together give a sentimental atmosphere to the building complex.


Lake Cseke

Lake Cseke as well as its shoreline and its surrounding Angolkert are the perfect spot for romantic walks. The lawn of the promenade of the park is spotted with platan and weeping willow trees, artificial ruins and other monuments. Before the mining era the lake was flooded by abundant springs. Now the Old Lake supplies its water. Lake Cseke is also a fisherman’s paradise.


Via Ferrata Tatabánya

Hungary’s second via ferrata course opened in Tatabánya. The appeal and popularity of this outdoor sport is based on its monumentality. The courses, equipped with safety features and built into the sides of mountains, offer a unique perspective on height, depth and distance. Three different courses have been built on Kő hegy with three different levels of difficulty. Equipment can be rented on sight, and they offer training courses for those who wish to gain valuable practical experience for their Western-European trips.

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